Sellvana’s architectural simplicity removes common development roadblocks and frustrations to focus on what you do best: enjoy coding and delivering solutions for your clients without compromises.

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Advantages for Developers

High Speed of Development

  • Simplified file structure and architecture
  • Built-in debugging environment
  • Streamlined internal API
  • Minimized number of components and dependencies

True Modularity

  • Ability to switch on/off each individual module
  • Clear contained module dependencies
  • Module versioning allows for version range compatibility declarations

Enhanced Performance

  • Based on lightweight yet powerful framework optimized for performance
  • Lack of complex overhead and libraries
  • Simplified relational db structure
  • Automatic production error notifications

Fast Learning Curve

  • Natural adoption by most IDEs
  • Simplified coding requirements
  • Convention over configuration

Powerful Security

  • Passwords are hashed with bcrypt
  • Usage of modern HTTP security headers
  • IP protection per session
  • Optional offsite decryption
  • Login throttling
  • Request data sanitizing and whitelisting
  • SQL injection protection
  • HTML escaping
  • CSRF protection using referrer or token methods
  • Automatic marketplace modules security audits

Ease of Theme Development

  • Responsive by default
  • Built-in preservation of styling
  • No CSS unsetting
  • Hierarchical theming
  • Single folder drop theme