What do the Various Module Statuses Mean?

When i look at Modules -> Manage Modules section of the Sellvana UI, there's a "status" column. It's not 100% clear to a newcomer what this column means.

Specifically, the only two values I've seen are IDLE or LOADED. Am I correct that an IDLE status indicated there's a module on the file system, but its node referenced in the configuration tree, and therefore not loaded and considered idle? And LOADED means the module is on the file system and is loaded in the configuration via core/storage/config/core.php or core/storage/config/local.php? If not, what does a module's status indicate?

1 Answer


Run Statuses:

  • IDLE: The module was found, but not loaded
  • PENDING: The module is marked to be loaded, but not loaded yet. This status is currently used during internal bootstrap only.
  • LOADED: The module has been loaded successfully
  • ERROR: There was an error loading the module due to unmet dependencies