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Dear Sellvana team!

Can you tell us something about Selvanna future. There is so little written about it. When can we expect it to be released, when can we expect some themes, extension?


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Damian, thank you for your question.

While for some reason there's no publicly posted discussions, we are getting lots of interest in private emails, with developers and merchants getting wowed by private demos and saying that they most likely will use Sellvana for projects when it's ready.

Originally, I have hoped for more community involvement during alpha, helping with ideas and platform decisions that would benefit developers themselves, but that didn't happen, and that made the development process much slower than expected. This made me realize my original mistake (being a developer myself) in thinking that something potentially more powerful while simpler than existing solutions could interest developers enough to get involved. This made us change our attention more towards merchants and private demos, and get most of the feedback from them. It's a catch 22 - developers need demand from merchants, and merchants need developers ecosystem.

Since I feel a personal responsibility for Sellvana, it is really hard for me to say it's ready, because I'm always worried about little details and potential issues with security/performance/flexibility. The plan is to release public beta as soon as it feels as polished as possible, accept a few beta merchants, fully develop and build a portfolio of successful stores, and let the word spread. I believe that once there's demand from merchants, more developers will join, and discover that extending, building new functionality and maintaining it can be much easier and faster than they're used to (based on feedback from devs that have worked with Sellvana). My aim is for public beta in January '16.

There are currently a few themes that were built for private projects, and I hope that after interest picks up there will be much more, partly because of simplicity of extending core themes and a one-click publishing/updating custom themes/modules to market.

Hope this answers your questions.

Thank you. Great answer. I understand that all the hype goes to magento 2 atm, but i think Sellvana is equally good if not better solution.

elfstone Dec 23, 2015
Thank you, this means a lot to me!
bg Dec 23, 2015

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