No installation wizard after fresh install

ERROR: SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

It's a fresh install from coomit #7ec1289. I am expecting the installation wizard, but greeted with the above error. Any idea?

At what stage are you? did you fully complete the wizard and entered admin user details?
bg Dec 23, 2015
No, I have no chance of completing the wizard, as there is no wizard, just the error. [My bad, I should have commented instead of answering, how do I delete that?]
kiatng Dec 23, 2015

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In general it means that username/password for DB server are incorrect, or this user doesn't have permission for the chosen database. If you can give more details, like if this happens right after entering DB details, or later, this might be different.

You can edit storage/config/db.php and fix the credentials, if you figure out that they were entered wrong.

The error appears after copying all the files to a LAMP server and starting the browser. There is no installation wizard.

Now, I set the DB credentials in `storage/config/db.php`.  There is another error:

> ERROR: Invalid theme supplied: FCom_FrontendThemeBootSimple (core/FCom/Core/buckyball/com/layout.php:1163)

So what's next?
kiatng Dec 23, 2015
Was `storage/config/` folder existing before you've accessed the copy from the web? Could you delete this folder with all files in it, and refresh the page?
bg Dec 23, 2015
Yes, after deleting `storage/config/`, I am able to complete the wizard. Thanks.  [edit] I know why it happened, the config directory was copied from my local PC to the server.
kiatng Dec 23, 2015
Hm... I don't see this folder here, do you see it? https://bitbucket.org/sellvana/core/src/7ec1289e43d484d3fd4384cc3caebd11614d3a1a/storage/?at=develop
bg Dec 23, 2015
I'm asking because maybe I'm missing something, but it just doesn't make sense if it's a new repo clone..
bg Dec 23, 2015
Well, I'm glad it resolved, although can't reproduce it. Curious about your feedback!
bg Dec 23, 2015

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