Any documentation help with multivendor ?

Is avalaible any documentation ..tutorial to help with Multivendor setup/working ?

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The MultiVendor module provides basic DB structure and simple vendors order notification functionality on checkout.

First, make sure the module is enabled:

  • Go to Admin > Modules > Manage Modules,
  • Search for Sellvana_MultiVendor module (Search within results input box)
  • If it has green "LOADED" status, good, if not:
  • Click on the (toggle) icon, change the Run Level to "Requested", and click "Save Changes"

On reload the module should be enabled and loaded. After the module is enabled:

  • Go to System > Settings > Catalog > Multi Vendor
  • Configure store contact info and preferred order status to send notifications (try Placed)

  • Go to Catalog > Vendors, add a few vendors

  • Go to Catalog > Products, add/edit product(s)
  • In Product edit go to tab Vendors, select a vendor for this product, and optionally set vendor SKU and product name. This information will be sent to vendors in notifications.

Now when the orders will reach your configured status, emails will be sent to relevant vendors (each vendor will receive 1 email).

This is the basic functionality, and the underlying structure will be used in more complex modules.

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