“Soon you will enjoy eCommerce”, why?


...Sellvana - created by Boris Gurvich, the original Lead Technical Architect of Magento, Sellvana is a brand new open source eCommerce platform. Together with one of the industry's most experienced teams of open source, business and community experts, we have set out to recharge the industry.

As Boris explains:

The established generation of open source eCommerce platforms have not aged gracefully - they have not looked after themselves or their community. Give them their credit, these platforms triggered a revolution in their time, but it was a long time ago. Modern eCommerce development requires faster, more flexible, more agile solutions. Also, many members of these original, open source ecommerce communities now feel cheated and sidelined by corporate interests.

We are building a new platform that removes all technical roadblocks for merchants, developers and designers and puts community back at the center.

Based on our own Fulleron PHP Framework, Sellvana provides powerful features that are intuitive and easy-to-use. In starting afresh, we have looked at every aspect of an eCommerce platform and worked out how to improve on it. We have delivered the changes that the open source ecommerce community has been calling out for, with radical improvements in functionality, flexibility, performance and security.

Sellvana offers significant advantages for developers:

  • High speed of development - simplified architecture, streamlined APIs and a built-in debugging environment
  • True modularity - ability to switch on and off each module
  • Powerful security - based on decades of eCommerce experience
  • Enhanced performance - built on a light yet powerful PHP framework
  • Ease of theme development - responsive by default
  • Fast learning curve - natural adoption by most IDEs and simplified coding requirements

Then, of course, there is community. We understand that well nurtured communities build better solutions. To us, open source is not just a license type. It's about working together.

And Sellvana has plenty to offer merchants:

  • Powerful new features - that are easy to use
  • Responsive by default - support for all devices
  • Superior SEO features and powerful security are built into the core
  • Web pages load fast - even with very large product catalogs
  • Technical simplicity - dramatically reducing maintenance and development costs and makes it much easier and faster to customize, extend and integrate.

Sellvana will be released officially, later this year under the Open Source Licence (OSL v3.0). Ahead of this, we are providing limited access to our private alpha technology preview. We are offering developers the chance to get in early, form our community and shape Sellvana. Register your interest here to be amongst the first merchants and developers to view and contribute to the future of ecommerce.

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