Q4 - Sellvana Update

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Summer is officially over, and everyone is looking forward to the holiday season (speaking of which, did you read our last blog post on getting ready for the holidays?) We in turn have been busy rolling out updates to the core platform and new features! We wanted to use this post to let you know what's new and whats coming up shortly.

Reports are here!

Ecommerce sites capture and manage tons of data. That data is actually the biggest asset an ecommerce business has to capture more sales or to avoid things that aren't successful. The problem with many of the ecommerce platforms on the market today is that once you have that data, they don't give you adequate tools or guidance on what to do with it. With that in mind we've spent the last few weeks creating a truly useful reports module. We've added over 20 reports based on what we know eCommerce managers need to run their stores. These reports focus on 4 key areas: Products, Customers, Sales/Orders, and Data Integrity. The reports are lightweight while still giving you the ability to change what time periods you are looking at, what data you want to see in the report's columns, etc. We've also added some widgets for the dashboard so you can expose some of this same type of data/reporting on your home screen.

As we continue to evolve the platform we anticipate a lot more work going into this area, so please let us know what you think!

Other new things!

  • Easy Pricing - This may defeat the purpose of this post, but we've added an incredibly useful new pricing tool for merchants. But I can't tell you about it. You'll need to download the latest release to find out what it is.
  • Store Credit - Inevitably you're going to need to be able to give customers credit for something. Perhaps they're unhappy with a shipment, an error was made, etc. There is no easier way to get back on a customer's good side than to offer them something to make up for their troubles.
  • Dropdown/Multichoice Translations - For folks who must operate in multiple languages, we've now added the ability to add translations for multiple choice fields/dropdowns.
  • Plus lots of minor enhancements here and there.

Coming soon...

  • Personalization - Setting up the groundwork for some AWESOME personalization features (Serving up specific content/products to customers based on what they're doing on your site)
  •  Reward Points/Loyalty - Because rewarded customers are happy customers (and happy customers spend more money)
  • Data Import Tools - We want to make the migration from other platforms onto Sellvana as easy as possible by providing you a tool that does all the heavy lifting for you. Our first iteration will focus on Magento, with others to follow.
  • And lots of other secret cool stuff...

See something that excites you on this post? Think something is missing? Give us a shout! 

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