One-Click Module Publishing and Installation with Sellvana Marketplace

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As we are getting ready to launch the alpha release of the Sellvana Marketplace, we thought you’d be interested to find out what to expect – here is a sneak peek:

One-Click Module Publishing


Have you developed an exciting Sellvana module and would like to publish it on the Marketplace? Simply add your module to a local folder of your Sellvana copy, navigate to “Publish to Market” in the Sellvana Admin Dashboard, select your module and click Publish button. That’s all… Yes. That easy.



One-Click Module Installation


Yes, you read (and re-read) that correctly. One click with confirmation is all it takes to install a module from Sellvana Marketplace.  Just locate a module in the Marketplace that you like and click the Install button.  You’ll have an option to approve dependencies or just proceed with the installation. Click and done… Yes. That simple.



Stay tuned. Sellvana Marketplace alpha preview will be released to our alpha members shortly.

What other features would you like to see on a marketplace? Let us know.

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