Webinar: Sellvana Theming


After numerous requests from our rapidly expanding community we are  delighted to announce the “Sellvana Theming” webinar that will be conducted by Sellvana’s Chief User Experience Officer – Minu Oh.

Webinar will cover:

  • File system overview
  • Frameworks and technology
  • Templates / Layouts / Assets
  • Admin theme settings 
  • Creating CMS
  • Theme distribution
  • Answers to all of your theming questions

About Minu Oh:

Minu was the Lead UX+Visual Designer and Frontend Developer of the original Magento core development team. She was responsible for much of the designs and HTML/CSS structure you see in Magento today. Minu is the principal of Humming Ray (http://www.hummingray.com), a boutique eCommerce design and development studio. Minu has recently joined Sellvana as a Chief User Experience Officer.

Join us on June 10th 2014 at 9:00am Pacific (GMT-7) for this live interactive webinar live from New York City.



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Introduction to Sellvana Module Development Webinar - Recap


Our first developer series webinar was a huge success.  The interest in Sellvana keeps growing exponentially and we reached maximum capacity for attendees within a few days of announcing the webinar.  Unfortunately we could not accommodate all attendance requests and waiting list applicants. However, as promised here is the recording of the webinar so that everyone who was not able to make it can still review it .

You can view post webinar Q&A here.

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On Composer, PSR, and Namespaces


We’ve been receiving many questions recently on the topic of Composer, PSR and Namespaces. I’d like to address them in this post.


While Composer is a fantastic tool for developers, Sellvana includes features that would allow non-technical merchants to install external modules with a single click. Unfortunately, this is where Composer falls short due to its command line only interface.  As a result we’ve built similar, well integrated features that handle this simply and easily.  Fulleron’s built-in module system allows you to define version sensitive module dependencies, handle database migrations, and seamlessly integrate with future Sellvana versions without unnecessary boundaries, integration bugs, version maintenance hurdles, or other limitations.

Although we decided not to adopt Composer at this time, it does not mean that you wouldn’t be able to use it. There is nothing in the framework that would prevent you from using Composer for your own modules if you wish.


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