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Though scholars claim that perfection is unattainable, we have set out to pursue it anyway in our quest for excellence. Based on your constructive feedback and comments over the past year, we are much closer to achieving our goal. Today we are announcing the Public Alpha release with the following new features and improvements:

  • Multivendor functionality
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Visual Layout Editor
  • Simplified Product Variants Management
  • Customizable Admin Dashboard
  • Customizable Admin Data Grids  
  • Real Time Admin Notifications and Updates
  • One-click Module Installation / Publishing / Upgrading
  • Multi-Coupon Promotions
  • Guest Order to Customer Account Merge
  • Customer Shopping Assistant
  • Marketplace Module Security Screener

While staying true to the best traditions of Open Source, we encourage you to explore the current release, get involved, and provide honest and constructive feedback, so that we can continue to improve for the benefit of all.

Git repository:
Download as ZIP:

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