Q4 - Sellvana Update

Product News

Summer is officially over, and everyone is looking forward to the holiday season (speaking of which, did you read our last blog post on getting ready for the holidays?) We in turn have been busy rolling out updates to the core platform and new features! We wanted to use this post to let you know what's new and whats coming up shortly.

Reports are here!

Ecommerce sites capture and manage tons of data. That data is actually the biggest asset an ecommerce business has to capture more sales or to avoid things that aren't successful. The problem with many of the ecommerce platforms on the market today is that once you have that data, they don't give you adequate tools or guidance on what to do with it. With that in mind we've spent the last few weeks creating a truly useful reports module. We've added over 20 reports based on what we know eCommerce managers need to run their stores. These reports focus on 4 key areas: Products, Customers, Sales/Orders, and Data Integrity. The reports are lightweight while still giving you the ability to change what time periods you are looking at, what data you want to see in the report's columns, etc. We've also added some widgets for the dashboard so you can expose some of this same type of data/reporting on your home screen.

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Preparing for the ecommerce holiday season

Tips & Tricks

With August on the horizon, we are bracing ourselves for what we like to call the “Ecommerce Holiday Panic Season”. This is the period between August and October when ecommerce merchants remember all the cool things they want to implement before the holiday shopping season. There are 5 major types of ecommerce work that if you’re not already talking to your devs about, you may be in trouble:

  1. An ecommerce implementation (or migration to a new platform)
  2. New landing pages or major design updates
  3. Complex promotions
  4. New integrations
  5. Major updates to your product catalog


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Sellvana Feature Review - Alpha

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Hello to all and welcome to the first of many Sellvana feature reviews! As a team, Sellvana is dedicated to building the best eCommerce platform in the market. We have been operating in a lean and mean mode, focusing on doing private demos and having 1:1 conversations with merchants, developers, and partners. The next step in our evolution is to lift the covers on our whole operation, giving you all direct visibility into what we're thinking, what we're planning, and what's been done so far. To that end we have created this series of blog posts/articles on the different functional areas of the system in order to get your feedback. As this is our first post, we are going to start with a very high level overview of the key functional areas that make up the Sellvana core features/functions and will be diving into specific areas in future posts.

The grouping of these features/functions is fluid and will continue to change and evolve as we work with you all to better understand how you like to see them arranged. For the purpose of this overview the areas are as follows...

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Announcing Public Alpha

Product NewsAnnouncements

Though scholars claim that perfection is unattainable, we have set out to pursue it anyway in our quest for excellence. Based on your constructive feedback and comments over the past year, we are much closer to achieving our goal. Today we are announcing the Public Alpha release with the following new features and improvements:

  • Multivendor functionality
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Visual Layout Editor
  • Simplified Product Variants Management
  • Customizable Admin Dashboard
  • Customizable Admin Data Grids  
  • Real Time Admin Notifications and Updates
  • One-click Module Installation / Publishing / Upgrading
  • Multi-Coupon Promotions
  • Guest Order to Customer Account Merge
  • Customer Shopping Assistant
  • Marketplace Module Security Screener

While staying true to the best traditions of Open Source, we encourage you to explore the current release, get involved, and provide honest and constructive feedback, so that we can continue to improve for the benefit of all.

Demo: https://www.sellvana.com/demo
Git repository: https://bitbucket.org/sellvana/core
Download as ZIP: https://bitbucket.org/sellvana/core/get/develop.zip

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